Solar Dryer

Food Preservation, to address this serious issue with the help of our research and innovation team we develop a Solar Dryer system to uplift the ancient & existing practise of drying food directly to sun.
Using this Close Cabinet type system efficiency of the process is enhanced by smartly maintaining higher uniformity of required temperature and humidity and the radiation as well. We believe this smart phone control enabled system really can make impacts in the rural and urban regions as well.

Scope of Solar Drier:

– In the Agricultural & Horticulture sectors.
– In the Food Industry sector.
– In the Animal Husbandry and Fishery sector. – In Dairy industries.
– In Textile industries.

The advantages over the conventional sun drying process:

– Increase/regulate drying temperature. – Increase drying rate of the product.
– Preservation of product quality.
– Product colour is also preserved.

– Less contamination by dust, rain and insects.