Next Generation Vehicle Charger & Charging Station

Powering the Future: Next-Gen Vehicle Chargers and Smart Charging Stations

what we do

Machineer Technology Pvt. Ltd. was established in January, 2019 by a team of engineers who wanted to build something in this technological world. With a highly efficient team of engineers, Machineer Technology is ready for anything that may occur and quick to respond to customer needs and concerns with the capacity to build technology for them. At Machineer Technology every person in our company is a member of the team and a team player, with the expectation and need that they perform their duties to their fullest capacity and potential. Our objective is a commitment to the highest quality security and customer service.

OUR productS

For the manufacturing process we possessed the pick and place Assembly line, Bleaching Machine, Heating Chamber, Carving CNC, high precision 3D printer, Laminating Chamber and others. Though these machineries and units have enabled us and pushed us position ourselves as ODM & OEM company in Nepal, as our volumes went up we are targeting to maximise our capabilities and scope by setting a larger plant and empowering the company.

EV Charger

Sanitarily pad vending machine

4G Router